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Business Plans - Models ad examples



Growth rates, indices and more for the analysis of the performances for new entrepreneurs...
Capital Connection


The main errors in a business plan


In this site you an find many examples of Business Plans already made. The site is designed to sell you a software, but without spending too many pennies you can get some good ideas on how to implement a business plan.


How to get funding? All the tricks to be followed in implementing the business plan for this purpose.
Spreadsheet Excel for Business Plan


Microsoft offers models in Excel to help in building a business plan. I keep getting lost in the site download the sample file as well as a mini-guide to help in understanding the model created.


The purpose of fastbiz.org is to allow the emergence of new projects through participation and exchange of knowledge.
If you have an idea and you're looking for someone who has your same motivations to start a project, you have the opportunity to present a brief summary of the basic idea to fastbiz.org users. This will allow all users interested in the development of your plan to contact you and ask to become part of your team ... nice idea.


How to create a business plan in 14 steps with the help of 14 cards that will guide you through the logical process. In addition from the site you can also download some nice templates to make sure you have done everything.


This site collects the presentations from cuminity users who decide to share their work. In particular you will find presentations of business plans already made by other companies that will explain how to make your pan, and even business presentations (academic and practical) and useful tips to make your business plan.