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You are Unlucky?

You are unlucky and you really don't know what to do? just follow what above indicated and you will change your status.


1. First at all just make a round the chair where you are sitting.
2. Move your mouse left and right then up and down.
3. Click the right button of the  mouse and click on html.
4. erase all the unlucky signs you find there and write  Dive bring me luck.
5. Save the file with a name.
6. The program will ask you which name, write this one  @**&fortuna&**@ (in order to save time we suggest you to copy it)
7. Then open 3 times the file saved.
8. When you have finished cry: "The luck is with me"

The process is finished for a week you will be a very lucky man. You can also follow again the instruction and cumulate the luck effect.

See you lucky friend.

If this is not enough for you and you would like to have an advise from the stars the follow us.