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Ideas for original holidays in Europe and in the World. Visit the World with an original point of view: you will never forget it. Leave stress at home and travel for these destinations seeking adventure, amazing places and surprising feelings.

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Quattro x Quattro


For a "normal" trip or for new ideas in an hotel a bit different from usual. This Italian couple has been trale for more than 20 years and they share the story of their own trips enriching them with photos. These small stories, very well written, bring with them feelings, colors and details. And you can download them.
Ice Hotel


An impressive hotel made of ice. Come to Sweden!
Iglu Dorf


UIgloo villages, made of true ice, scattered among Switzerland: Engelberg, Gstaad, Scuol, Zermatt and Zugspitze. In the site rooms images, prices and videos. You can discover also how they are built. Bookings online.
Propeller Island


Berlin the trendiest German city offers a really particular Hotel: rooms with suspended beds, room with suspended mirrors, a sloping down room, a fragmented room...in Albrecht Schilles Strasse 30 thematic rooms all different and unique for their design


Do you wanna organize a different weekend but no ideas at all? Do you want to offer an original break to a special friend? Let this firm drive you, in a really short time it has become the undisputed leader of the sector in Franc. And now also in Italy
Kultur Insel


The first Hotel on a tree in Germany. Opened in June of 2005, it has been awarded in the 2006 with the "Deutsch Turismuspreize for creativeness". You sleep at 10 meters height. In the site also all the activities and the places to be visited nearby


For photographing safari lovers. An unforgettable experience in South Africa
In Pullman


Have you ever thought to a vacation with the bus? This company offers various kind of trips for the greatest European capitals (Paris, Praga, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin...) according to the following formalities: "free": they offer only the bus to reach your European destination, the rest you can organize alone; "Jeans": in this case they will also deal him with Hotels but you will have to choose how long to stay and where to go; "guided", in this case they will think about all, including turistic guide.
Jules' Undersea Lodge


For who would like to feel the experience to sleep in an underwater Hotel . In the sea of Florida at Key Largo. Arriving is yet an adventure considering that it requires to dive to 20 meters deep. Born as a submarine laboratory for exploration of the coast of Porto Rico, it hase been turned into a very particular Hotel.
Annes Dugout Bed & Breakfast


Have you planed a trip in the south of Australia to Coober Pedy, the world capital of Opals? Then do not loose the possibility of sleeping in an opals cave. For an original vacation.
Tree Houses a Maui, Hawaii


if you would like to live hawaii (Maui) in a different way, why don't you sleep in an house built on a tree?
Green Magic


In the South of India in a tropical forest, an enormous park and a Hotel with some rooms built on the trees at almost 30 meters height. All very rustic! And for the lovers of biologic food: pick up and eat fruits cultivated in the park.
Agadir Bivouac


if you wanna sleep in a Berbera tent in Morocco desert. A very original Hotel.
Kayak Fishing


For fishing or Kayak people, this site offers a different vacation in the south of Spain in White Coast. In the site all necessary instructions to get ready to this adventure, including a support for canoe choice.
Ariau Amazon Towers


n Amazzonia, on the banks of the Black Rio, 2 hours by boat from Manaus 8 towers are set above the Amazonian forest, build on palafittes according to the astral techniques of natives. Packets are offered from at least 2 nights including fishing of piranhas, nighttime hunting, bath with pink dolphins.


A luxurious camp in the Rajasthan, one of the last regions in India where tigers can be found. Prices are for extra luxury hotel and from photos we can surely believe it. You can participate to the photographic safari, to see tigers in their natural environment.
Viaggilevi - Deserti


For deserts and travels adventure, but not only. This agency from Milan is sure one of the References. Site with a lot of photos and detailed travel programs you can downloand.
Elqui Domos


Hotel in Cile, located in Elqui. This Hotel born in 2005 offers six semispherical tents designed on 2 diferrent levels, equipped with a telescope for the exploration of the hemisphere.


Do we are we in Polynesia? No, This is Monruz in Switzerland inside the region of Three Lakes, near the shores of Neuchâtel Lake. This hotel, with a cubista look, has been constructed on stilt houses and has been realized by Kurt Hofmann in 2002. Every room has a sight on the lake of Neuchâtel and the design is modern. In the site, besides the usual essential information (address, reservations…), many photos and a virtual tour.