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Summer time is coming  and Dive3000, is giving you a list of cams were you can see the nicest cities of the world.

New York


Many as 11 cameras on New York, of which 6 are in Times Square, one on Broadway and one on 42nd street. A web cam in Times Square. Worth a visit.


We look at the classic views: the Big Ben. But at least you can choose other views of the city including: Trafalgar Square, The London Eye, Beazley at Lloyds. For singles in England we recommend: Wheel and Bar and Dating Cam


Wailing Wall in real time. In addition to this beautiful web cam, you will find the history of the wall, a photo gallery, a series of prayers and even a collection of music and prayers in the theme .. There is also a web cam with remote control, but unfortunately not for free.


Five web cams give you a 360 degrees view of Paris, you can see the Eiffel Tower, La Défense, the Tour Montparnasse .. beautiful..


Have a view on the Eiffel Tower and more views from different cameras, all on the most famous Tower in the world.


The most beautiful city in Europe. You have everything at your disposal: the sea, the culture, the warmth of the people ... the football. Alongside the Barcelona web cam, view Roses, Vielha, Vic and Montserrat. If all the world would look like Spain...


The square


Potsdamer Platz. Beautiful site where you can see the entire history of the construction of the square. Web cams from all sides and inside. For those who have been to visit and for whom there was, with a special recommendation for the architects.


From our selection Tokyo could really not miss!. Hit the hottest spots (Roppongi) and the beautiful Tokyo Tower, the Shiodome ... If you want to send postcards of the city you can visit our section of postcards where our reporter has immortalized corners typical of this city.


Web cam on Shanghai. Save the images, in few seconds a new skyscraper will change this view! Seriously worth a visit if you can, but live! And if you are planing a viit, tell it to your friends with a virtual postcard.


The rocks of Sydney.
Auckland and New Zealand


A series of webcams from New zelan and particularly from Auckland, for those who want to attend the new year from the first second or simply for those who believe that Australia is too near...